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Video Animation


In an evergrowing digital world, digital marketing is becoming a crucial part of our marketing spend and animated video plays an important part in holding visitor retention.

People are attracted to what they see and this has turned quality animated video into an amazing marketing tool for all businesses.

About 65% of the world’s population learns easily by seeing.  According to the research carried out by John Medina, a molecular biologist, vision takes about half of the brain resources and is the most dominant of our senses. Whatever we see, can easily be captured and retained, especially if it’s interestingly animated. With this in mind, many industries are taking advantage of video animations to advertising and market their brand and products, passing down information and showcasing their business through multiple online media streams. By doing this, their products and services become a lot more attractive to their target audiences as all the information they release engages, incites and interacts with the viewer on a higher level.

The creation of animated content optimises your video and message for your marketing campaigns. Working with a professional video production company such as Imaginary Creatures will ensure you’re producing a top-quality animated visual content which will engage and interact with your audience.

Imaginary Creatures thrives and is passionate in the creation of all forms of visual content, which is why our motto is ‘‘on screen, on-air and online’’.

This company is based in Perth, Western Australia, and provides video production services which cover all areas of virtual reality, web video and animated video. We also provide professional animated video production services and would love to talk to you about your project.

What is Video Animation?

This form of video production concept involves the display of frames or a series of pictures broken down by a stimulation of movement through the combination of independent images to create a coherent illusion of continuous motion. This is one of the most popular forms of animation.


Benefits of Animated Video

Animated Video is increasingly becoming more and more advantageous. Some of the reasons are listed below;

  • It gives a brief and perfect explanation, a story about your business, all delivered in an exciting way that makes it so much more fun and interesting for the viewer.
  • Without over-complication, an animated video will explain hard and complex businesses which are not easy to understand.
  • Your businesses can easily go viral and can get to many audiences and thus, expose it to many potential clients.
  • It equally keeps you up against your competitors making you one step ahead of them by simplifying the better understanding of your goods and services.


How Imaginary Creatures can help you with your Video Animation Project.

Imaginary Creatures are experts when it comes to animated video production, our strengths include;

We are open and willing to work with free creative minds from the conception phase to completion of your projects.

Participation makes you enjoy every experience with Imaginary Creatures.

When it comes to working out your branding, and marketing strategy with the web, social media, and other online content.

Some areas we can help;

  • Promotional videos
  • Social Media videos
  • Case Studies
  • Event videos
  • Animation
  • Training and Interactive Educational videos
  • Virtual Reality

We focus on producing video marketing content that attracts a well-defined audience by creating a distribution of content which drives the actions of potential customers.

Imaginary Creatures can help implement a content strategy and campaign that will work alongside your business through collaboration and research to make sure that you have the most relevant audience which places you on the path to attaining your goals. We provide you with regular updates on your Website Content, SEO, Social Media offerings, and E-marketing.



What are you waiting for? Working in collaboration with Imaginary Creatures will help you achieve your online marketing goals. Get in touch with them today and take advantage of the marketing power of quality video animation services!