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The Importance of  Web Video & Marketing

The fast-growing pace of technology and the internet is having increasing impacts on communication, sales, service and promotion in all areas of business online.

The rapid development in the domain of video technology only highlights the vital role of Video and incorporating a video marketing strategy in your business. Various forms of Video include; Animated Video, Virtual Reality (VR) Video and Web Video. Producing high-grade visual content is a must for businesses today, to stay ahead of the competition and utilise digital marketing to its full extent.

This can be seen with Youtube currently standing out as the second largest internet search engine. Many industries and businesses are beginning to realise the potential of quality video content as a marketing strategy and are slowly giving it the priority level it really deserves.

Imaginary Creatures provide high-quality web video production services, by partnering and employing our services your business will experience a value for money Return On Investment through incorporating a Web Video marketing strategy.

Here are a number of reasons why your business needs web video for branding and marketing online;


Video Increases Conversions, Sales, and ROI

Visual Content is our speciality and consistent marketing efforts that add a good product or service video on your website, or landing page boosts conversions by about 80%.

Studies demonstrate that 74% of users exposed to a clear product explainer video ended up purchasing. This is confirmed by 83% of businesses as they attest to achieving impressive ROI figures with web video marketing.


Video develops trust

The success of any business depends on trust levels from customers and the building of long-term relationships. This is attained and built with the help of personal and relevant video content.

Web video production for your business is a great marketing tool that easily engages and ignites the emotions of consumers, thereby increasing conversion rates. People are still generally sceptical about being cheated when purchasing products or services online. This fear can be eliminated in most cases with effective conversational marketing videos rather than with text content. According to some surveys, about 57% of online consumers took confidence from watching videos before making a purchase or decision to enlist a business service.


Google likes videos!

With Google now owning YouTube, your website is much more likely to rank higher if it has videos. Videos increase the time visitors spend on your website and this signals search engines it contains good material. Professional assistance is very valuable in producing SEO optimised YouTube videos with catchy titles and descriptions plus added links to website, products, and services.


Video explains all and appeals to everyone

Almost all internet users say they have watched explainer videos for clarity about many products and services. Videos are much more effective in explaining difficult concepts which may be very boring with text. They offer a simple and entertaining way of presenting details. Also, Video makes for a great learning tool which engages even the busiest or indifferent people. Therefore, web video marketing significantly widens your audience.

Watch time by the numbers

  • Watch time on YouTube is up 60% year over year.
  • The average length of mobile viewing sessions is 40 minutes, up more than 50% year over year.
  • The number of hours people spend watching YouTube is up 100% year over year



Video engages Mobile Users

Video works more effectively with mobile devices than text. According to YouTube reports the consumption of videos through mobile increases annually up 100% year on year. Tapping into this ready market with web video marketing is inevitable for any business marketing strategy chasing success. Google also tells us that users of smartphones generally connect more personally with brands that present video ads through their phones compared to TV and desktop viewers.


Videos can be easily shared socially

Almost everyone nowadays is connected to many existing social media platforms and it’s very easy and much more convenient to consume and share video content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube also keep on innovating new features such as Live video, Instagram stories and Periscope which all encourage and promote video content.

Marketers need to stay alert to the fact that people are always more drawn towards entertaining material than just facts.



Deciding to incorporate Video marketing could be the magic bullet for the growth of any business. Added to the capability of spreading so quickly, web video marketing gives businesses unrivalled growth potential and it has become a lot less expensive and continues to drop further. Creating marketing videos online for your business requires professional creativity and deep knowledge of human psychology. This experience can be enjoyed with the many different offers of Imaginary Creatures.